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APB Reloaded is a Massively Multi-player Action Shooter
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APB reloaded is a Massively Multi-player Action Shooter from the third person perspective. The action takes place in a city filled with crime and you can choose between 2 factions : Enforcer or Criminal. The Enforcer upholds the law while the Criminal does his best to break it. The game requires a steam account in order to play it.

The faction you choose is very important, they have different missions, different gameplays, as well as different customization options and vehicles, weapons. Criminals have missions like robbing people, stores and cars, and if you successfully take the loot to the drop-off point you gain points. The Enforcers have the job to spot criminals in action and stop them.

In the character creation section you can really customize your character with a variety of options. You can change anything from the nose type to the hair model and length, add body art, make the character more muscular or skinnier. Even the age can be modified, with a significant change in the appearance. As you play and gain more points, you unlock different clothes and weapons.

The gameplay is fun and very easy to learn. You begin the game with a short tutorial and everything is briefly explained, however anyone who has ever played a third person shooter before, will have no problem getting right into the action.

The cars are also a very important factor of the gameplay. The maps are big and you need a way to get to the opposing team and chase them if needed. There are many different types of cars and they all handle differently, also new cars can be unlocked with points.

The graphics are amazing for a free to play game, with huge landscapes and great attention to detail. In addition, the game features new content every other month to keep it fresh and interesting.

I would say that APB Reloaded stands out as one of the finest free to play shooters out there.

Dennis Niels
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  • Easy to learn
  • Great character customization
  • Huge open spaces
  • New content added on a regular basis


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